The forum of the virtual Sherwood is created for you!

Welcome, come, communicate, express the opinion and assert the point of view! We are always glad to you!

Sherwood, certainly, for those who loves freedom! Here you will find it! But we ask you to observe simple rules of behaviour to make our dialogue pleasant and fascinating!

At a forum it is forbidden:

Use of obscene lexicon, instead of this is recommended to use bad word Hern! (This Russian curse. Almost)

Of kindling interethnic break a set and chauvinism.

Personal insults.

Respect opinion of the interlocutor! Remember, it not always coincides with yours!

Asserting the point sight, do not overlook, it only play and we do all for fun  . Even if for somebody from you all event is real and alive, do not overlook -  it is  a game.

Smile and at you all will turn out!

Observe these simple rules and we shall be always glad to treat anyone with a mug of a kind ale!

The messages breaking rules, will be ruthlessly removed! Also do not speak, that you did not warn!!!!!

We wish pleasantly to spend!