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Здесь вы найдете сложившееся сообщество с многолетними традициями, массу информации по сериалу "Робин из Шервуда", а также по другим фильмам робингудовской и исторической тематики, статьи и дискуссии по истории и искусству, ну и просто хорошую компанию.

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Робин Гуд 2006

История Средних веков


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Джордж Мартин, "Песнь Льда и Огня"

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Robin Hood on BBC1

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milka написал(а):

Lady Marion, try to look at it differently. This film will not replace  ROS. It is other sight at a legend.


Noone wants you to pull away from your beloved RoS!!! It should never be replaced in your heart! I can imagine your feelings as I have similar feelings when it comes to other tv series!

Just try to see it as a new opportunity to make the legend of Robin Who (ehm.. Hood... I mean ;) ) known to more and more people. And maybe it can raise an interest for all the older versions of RH (including your RoS!!!) and bring more and more fans to it!!! Would nt it be wonderful??? :)

I am sure the new series will be quite different from the older ones so just consider it as a wonderful enrichment and not a rivalry to your lovely RoS!!!  :give_rose:



we are exactly this way and i think i speak for all of us - looking forward to the legend to continue  :give_rose:



Hi, ghost !
How are you?

Have you  news about the script of a new serial?

ghostinthefog написал(а):

I am sure the new series will be quite different from the older ones so just consider it as a wonderful enrichment and not a rivalry to your lovely RoS!!!

I hope it will be  :heart:



Here there was a discussion about Richard's trousers. I cannot translate it. Maria  told, that trousers cause interest and has asked, why Richard is pleasant to me.
I  told, that he is pleasant to me,  I have the big heart.   :heart:
Nasir  told, that has not paid attention to trousers



@ milka
No sorry I don t know any particulars about the new series only the things everyone seems to know so far...  :(

There is a blog by a writer of some episodes on the net but he only mentioned he is writing for it and he is not allowed to talk about any particulars.
And somewhere on the net we read that the series will contain refrences to current events like the iraq war and stuff like that... So you see it is very little I know which leaves a lot room for interesting speculations   :cool:



milka написал(а):

Here there was a discussion about Richard's trousers. I cannot translate it.

heehee... you cannot translate it?? I hope it was not some nauthy things they were talking about ;)....
but, well these trousers (made of fine black leather  :P ) can certainly cause some naughty thoughts (at least on my part  :blush2: !!!)



Hi, ghosti

I cannot translate style of discussion.  :D

Present have not understood, why I love so many Guys.  :)  I do not know a word which designates a medieval subject of clothes which attach to trousers in that place.  :blush2:



ghostinthefog написал(а):

So you see it is very little I know which leaves a lot room for interesting speculations

Thanks. Yes, I agree, we have a lot of place for interesting speculations.  :cool2:

For this reason there are discussions which I cannot translate  :blush2:



milka написал(а):

Here there was a discussion about Richard's trousers.

I don't  believe!  Trousers?  :O

milka написал(а):

Lady Marion, try to look at it differently. This film will not replace  ROS. It is other sight at a legend. I want, that it be successful.

I see. I'll  think about it. Richard is ... interesting actor. :)




I'm new to this board and finally managed the registration (I don't speak any Russian at all). My name is Andromeda and I'm also from the German Richard Armitage Board.

We don't know anything really new yet about the series, because the BBC is very secretive about it. Richard wrote a short message to his fans where he told us that there will be a promotion campaign for it and lots of merchandise.

An English fan went to the Robin Hood Festival in Nottingham and she saw a trailer there (which will hopefully be aired in television soon). This is what she wrote (naturally she concentrated on the interesting bits for us!):

The whole trailer is about 1 minute 20 seconds and Guy of Gisborne is only featured twice for just a few seconds. First a smouldering look with a shot that is head and shoulders view where he tilts his head to one side. Next there was a closer shot of his face delivering the line 'He is an outlaw'. Both far too brief but very enjoyable. The series looks
like an interesting take on the legend going for a modern edgy feel whilst maintaining realistic costume and set. It's hard to tell much from such a fastly cut trailer so I look forward to seeing more of the show in real time rather than something that is packing as many speedily cut clips as possible into little more than a minute.

And we heard that they will still continue to film in Budapest when the series has already started broadcasting in GB. And the BBC has already raised funds for a second season of Robin Who (as we call it).

If you haven't seen it yet, here is a press release from the BBC with a few (very small) pictures on page 6: … mn2006.pdf
And this is the only official picture of Guy of Gisbourne (not much, I'm afraid):
[реклама вместо картинки]

I'm afraid that's all my news.

I always like "Robin of Sherwood" very much, especially Michael Praed (like ghost I have more a crush for tall and dark man). I have seen him in London on stage before he became Robin Hood. If you're interested, I've scanned the pictures from the theatre programme. It was the Musical "The Pirates of Penzance" in July 1982. Michael Praed played Frederick and Tim Curry was the Pirate King. The pictures are here, almost in the middle of the page: … c-165.html

@ Cathy:
I have to agree with you - you can't judge about Richard just from looking at his pictures. Most of the ladies from our board would agree. Almost none of us did fell for him just from seeing pictures. And you're totally right: being handsome is not enough! But Richard is such an amazing actor that I know he will make a very convincing Guy (no matter what kind of person this Guy is going to be). If you want to see Richard in "action" (and one really must, the pictures just don't do it), especially in something very different to North & South, you can find lots of videoclips from several of his movies here:
The amazing thing is that he becomes a completely different person every time, just through his acting!

I for one didn't think much of him just from seeing the pictures...
Saw pictures: Didn't care much... didn't even find him handsome in some of them...
Saw him move: Caught my breath...
Saw his play of features: Was charmed...
Heard his voice: Got hypnotized...
Saw the whole movie: Fell in love...
Saw him act in several completely different movies: Went completely nuts (and stayed on this level ever since...)

Отредактировано Andromeda (02-08-2006 18:43:42)



Hello, Andromeda! Nice to see you here!



Andromeda , wellcome to our Taverne!
I'm glad to see you here!  :give_rose:

Thank you very much by news.

If you can to scanned the pictures from "The Pirates of Penzance"  we'll so thankful!  :heart:
Just this morning we speaked about it!
Michael is our great love, but sir Guy is very intdesting charakter too and we wait fo a new series!



Just follow the link I posted. You can't miss the pictures from "The Pirates of Penzance" almost in the middle of the page. I like Michael very much in it (AND he had a great singing voice, too), indeed so much, that I had to go and see the play again a few days later!



:) Thanks for photos. Michael very lovely.  Young also completely not similar  Robin.  :)
You see his playing in theatre? You saw " kilingl Castro "?

We wait for news about new film.Why secrets?  :( ВВС is  not right . I am afraid of disappointment   :(



No, I'm afraid "The Pirates of Penzance" was the only play I saw with him. He started filming for Robin Hood later on, so he never did stage work when I had the chance to visit London again.

I think the BBC wants to tease us all by telling us nothing about it. (And we're quite angry about this, too.) They know we're simply dying to see a decent picture of GoG and that they will have our full attention until we get one... Of course, they will have our full attention after that, too, but maybe the BBC doesn't believe in this? They didn't even tell anyone the exact date when it will start being broadcasted...  :threaten: we only know that it will probably be in September...
Anyway, Richard told us that there soon will be a press campaign and even more so when they start airing it. So, when the series is about to start in September, I suppose they will start with the press campaign in the next two weeks or so... and probably also show some more trailers in TV.  :clapping: Yesssss, please!!!!!



Andromeda, welcome to the forum and we hope you will enjoy it here, talking to us as we enjoy your being here :) Thank you for your comments, i really appreciate it.  A special thank for Michael's pictures, you know i was always wondering how he looked like before Robin of Sherwood and here i am, thank you very much.

As for a new Guy, i'm looking forward to watching the series and enjoying the movie. Every movie made after the legend has the total right for its existence and appreciation. If i believe that RoS with Michael Praed is the best, it doesnt have to be the best for everyone else and i'm fine with other opinions. As i'm in love with the legend about Robin Hood and its characters i'm really enthousiastic about every attempts to make the legend to go on and on... cause it's about Robin at last.

I believe you about Richard. It could happen i'll find him very good in this role. And thank you for links for check his roles, i'm curious to know more about his works, may be it's even a good idea to check some of his movies beforehands so then to be able to compare.  :give_rose:



i love it - "he is an outlaw" - it rocks  :P



Thanks, for your welcome everyone!

You're absolutely right, Cathy! Every Robin Hood movie must be seen in its own right. Though Robin of Sherwood surely has raised the standard very high. And so I'm looking forward what the BBC will make of the legend, when they say they're planning to make a new Robin Hood for a new generation. I would have loved to see the new series regardless who played Robin Hood or GoG. But Richard Armitage playing GoG is definitely an additional attraction (very much so!!!  :heart:  - at least for me!). So we'll have to see if he will fulfill our expectations in him as GoG, and if the movie will fulfill your expectations you naturally must have from a new Robin Hood series. I don't say he would (or even should) replace your Robert Addie as GoG (no one could replace a first love). But I'm hoping that he will give us his best performance and make a splendid GoG in his own right.

From what I hear from the British fans there will be aired a series about "The Sound of Music" for 8 weeks now. The last part of it will be shown on 16th September. So everyone expects that a certain Robin and a certain Guy are going to replace it on 23rd September. But remember, that's not a definite date from the BBC, it's just a speculation (but very well founded, I think).

i love it - "he is an outlaw" - it rocks

I love it, too - and I can hear him actually saying it with his great voice (makes me shiver)! [реклама вместо картинки]

Отредактировано Andromeda (03-08-2006 01:42:58)



to tell the truth i was really hesitant about the series before but now i'm really glad that they made it possible for us to meet each other and discuss this legend and movies. you know what i really appreciate that you all are so respectful about our love for "Robin of Sherwood" and we are so glad that you're sharing with us your thrill about new series. I'm really intrigued about them.

If the new series are great then i'm the first one to cheer them  :rolleyes:

Отредактировано Cathy (03-08-2006 01:50:53)



Yes, I'm definitely thrilled to see the new series - can't wait till September!

But first there will be a German DVD-release of "Robin of Sherwood" on 11th August!  I'm so excited, it hasn't been broadcasted here for nearly 20 years! And it includes outtakes and deleted scenes also! That should at least keep me busy until our GoG is riding through the glen...  :D

And there's a tiny bit of news about the new series:

Penguin will be publishing a series of childrens' books based on the series with a 8 pages colour section. The first is The Nightwatchman and will be due on 16th October. The others are The Sheriff's Law and Crimes and Punishments (these are only working titles) and will follow on 23rd October. You can have a look at Amazon here: … p;n=266239

The prize must be wrong, because they're listed at and another online shop for 4.99 GBP each.

And the first DVD of the new series will be released on 13th November: … &s=dvd



It is possible to be pleased to a recognition of a legend attractive to a screen version. The story of  Robin has many subject lines and never will be unattractive for youth.
To tell the truth, I did not see anything better the ROS, and I don't believe, that any serial can rise up to this level. But I want to see a new serial. As I  already told, interpretation of characters is interesting to me main enemies.



Hello you sherwood brothers and sister!

Sorry for being so absent but I was on holiday!

As Andromeda has alrady told you atm there is a Robin Hood Festival taking place in Nottingham and some ladies already took a look at the trailer for the upcoming series.

After doing so they also made some new "sig"lines and I very much suspect these contain GoG pics from this special trailer.

Here they are: GoG 1
and  GoG 2

Looks quite promising to me... :D



O! Hi, ghost!
Nice to see you you !
Now we have new Sir Guy! I like him! [реклама вместо картинки]
:heart:  :heart:
Thank you very much!  :heart:



hi ghostinthefog
well it looks pretty interesting
i'm looking forward to series, very curious :)



ghostinthefog  :give_rose:

Good to see you here again!

Thanks. These photos help to present character .  :big_boss:



I am still desperately waiting and waiting for a trailer to be shown on TV but no luck so far...

I am sure though it will be shown sometime in the next weeks or so.  And now that I can watch BBC I hopefully will see it and will tell you all about it when the time has come :drinks:



Mesandraeth, one of the lucky ladies who saw the trailer at the festival gave a short description of it:

it was very dark and dirty and medieval looking.  the trailer lasted about a minute i think.

maid marian is pretty, keith allen as the sheriff looks fantastic and sounds very convincing, now that was a top piece of casting!!  the merry men don't look so very merry, but living in a forest--surprised?

the trailer starts out with little john socking robin hood in the mouth after asking him if hes robin of loxley if i remember

then lots of running about, in and around the forest, henchman clattering down castle steps in their sexy yet functional bad guy black leather outfits.  shots of robin hood shooting arrows at anything that moves and also, interestingly enough a shot of RH shooting through a rope to save a mate that is being hung, just like in robin hood prince of thieves.  then a really cracking end shot of robin hood firing three arrows and we see them going into what appears to be a wooden panel.  the camera pans round to show us the sherif sitting in what is now revealed to be a chair, three arrows perilously close to his face, he looks up and says, sardonically, 'i'm impressed'.

well so was i!  if it is half as good as the trailer promises to be we are in for a treat!!

That sounds absolutely fabulous! I can't wait to see the trailer myself (let alone the series!!!!)!!!   :clapping:  :elf:  :paladin:  i-m_so_happy:  :clapping:



I have looked viseo . From all characters true only  Guy is true. Robin has no charisma. I cannot accept him . Yes, I compare the ROS. Michael the best  Robin also will not be similar to him. But Richard even in comparison with Robert does not lose. I feel, there will be a film about  Guy, instead about  Robin.



I feel, there will be a film about  Guy, instead about  Robin.

I think that also!  ;) I didn't like Robin in the trailer, either. And he's so very young. Looks like he belongs to a boygroup. That's why we dubbed him "Robin and the Backwood Boys".  :lol:

But I can't wait to see more of Guy! And I liked the Sheriff, too. Even if he really does look like Jean Renault!  :D It seems the baddies are really the interesting part of the series...



Andromeda написал(а):

I have horses to ride, outlaws to capture and torture to inflict!!!

I really like it!  :paladin:  :)