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Джордж Мартин, "Песнь Льда и Огня"

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Robin Hood on BBC1

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This theme is created for our friends, Richard's fans.
Here I plan to make short retelling of our discussions of new film and I invite girls from Richard's forum to share news with us.




Here my weighty word, as minister - manager!
Guy - class! Very much ! he is better Addie. At least, on a photo. true! I shall love him, probably. At me weakness to biological ugly creatures Which brunettes with blue eyes    :)
Робин it is similar to a nestling dropped out of a jack. It is interesting, how he will look in image?
Marion - the lovely girl. Alan I cannot find yet, but no comments . . We shall wait  Well - well!


In my opinion the optimum variant  will turn out, if they will not copy and try to change our serial, and will think up something. Well, and certainly, will not mould a frank cranberry.
About casting - at me such impression, that film will keep on Robin and Guy. About Marion I have already written. The sheriff of me, to tell the truth, has not inspired. John - concedes Mantly. But it, besides, my personal opinion.
Ой! At them Herne is not present!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Poor........

Yes, concerning Guy which twirls by the sheriff. I the first has thought up it such Guy! PLAGIARISM!!!!!!!! 


They still can make love Guy to Marion, from them becomes! Guy will be the villain, captivated Марион will suffer, and heroic Robin will go to help heroically  from a den, on a way heroically making heroic feats. And will be, recollect my word...

Unique who is pleasant from these, new Guy, is visible, who will be in Nottingham the owner!


So.... Concerning a rascally den and heroic rescue..... УУУУУУУУУУУУУУУУУУУУУУУУУУ
I do not want! What for?  Do not offend Guy! And  do not offend Robin. Because if so will be, I shall be on the side of the villain! Because this hackneyed plot even in soap operas hesitate to pull fray!
ФУ! Duma  stinks! " Ah, spare my youth, sir! I do not love you! I shall more soon die, than I shall begin yours! " Muck! And sir, instead of simply to take that would be desirable him, tries her persuades and then heroically battles to the heroic savior! УУУУУУУУУУУУУУУУУУ!!!!!! УУУУУУУУУУУУУУУУУУУУУ!!!!!!
In a life so too it happens. But... Not so!
We wait!


Guy - we shall look, as will play. Though, such sensation, that Guy will leave too serious. Also will send him on a next world  :(

From Addies garem

This Richard Armitage as Guy has nothing on Robert! He doesn't seem to
even come close to Addie's level of sexiness, and whilst I'm prepared
to give him the benefit of the doubt until I've seen his performance,
I doubt anyone can come close to our beloved blonde Gisburne.....

In all fairness, I saw him in "North and South" (which was marred as
a series by the extreme drippiness of the heroine); and yes - he's
very sexy. Dark and Byronic. It will be at least interesting to see
what he makes of Guy, who - in this new series has variously been
described as "a ruthless bounty hunter" and "the Sheriff's sadistic

Keith Allen is also a quirky choice for Sheriff. Known best here in
UK for his spirited rendition of the self-penned "Vindaloo" song, he
looks like a bruiser, but is in fact quite an accomplished actor. He
specialises in villains, but was recently seen as a bumbling police
inspector in "Marple" (ITV's terrible remake of some Agatha Christie

More disquieting about this whole new series is the deliberate
absence of Friar Tuck. I'd like to hear (and probably will, in
August) what Phil Rose has to say about that.

Comrades.. Esteemed.. I express.. "/>
In general I have remained is pleased (well you know that I ROS did not look, and in comparison NAORH like normal)
Certainly most I am pleased the Guy.. Charm terrible! Has seen has fallen in love.. Absolutely my type... Eyes such sad!
Marion  Well you it is direct poor have taken a dislike!
And here she has liked me,  pretty, eyes such persons on a floor! The fighting girlfriend speak... Better let at home sits children brings up!
The main thing that would be the fact of her presence, and that I shall make time in 10 series! Let  with the sheriff from within "/>!
So is farther!..
Robin..  has not liked... ! But then on that that with an a bow to a photo has got accustomed.. Like anything (Though certainly not Full-eyed)! Well I think then разыграеться!
Alan it in general атас.. I am silent.
Who there still... And the Sheriff... Looks like Jean renaulte.... Well in the given question it is not grounded so I am silent!



Welcome!   :drinks:
I think, it is good idea to open a theme in English.    :dirol:

I can tell the new Guy looks not bad.   :paladin:  I hope, in film he will enter an image. While I see the actor near to the fan.  :cool:



Hairdress of the new Guy as  Praed's hairdress  :rolleyes:




I'll look.  I do not merits recognize. Even under torture! (ц)   
Хернохмуринас, whether understand, operates.   
Klaus, it's good, that without Herne! Because Herne is our logo.  It is our cross! (ц).
If not Alan who confuses me, I would tell, that they have simply conceived to remove the historical insurgent. In this film there is no place to mysticism and devilry. And Alan directs at bad ideas. 
Let's wait till August and to steal copies from a network.

Here  possible to look clips from a serial "North - south", to contemplate the future of the newest Guy. He  able to smile crookedly too. Our person, more shortly


Yes, well!
I shall criticize 

And I'll be the Opponent   
Someone  should Protect the new Guy.

Not,  I'll not criticize Guy! He, apparently, it is valid, out of competition.   
I shall criticize Robin. He has a wrong bow.
It's not longbow!



Hello you sherwood tavern people out there!!! *waves frantically*

I am new to this board. My name is ghost (short form of ghostinthefog ;) ) and I come from the german Richard Armitage Board which also (of course!)  has a thread for the upcoming BBC Series!!! Here is a link if you like to pay us a visit :D : … asc-0.html

I am looking forward to read your thoughts about this series and our Guy of Gisbourne in particular!

If you like to see some more piccies of our beloved boy don t hesitate to ask me to post some!!!

See ya!



Welcome, ghost!  :drinks:

I hope you will receive pleasure here in a tavern.  :fans:  :fans:

We continue to translate ours  message about  a new serial.
Do you  not object, I'll write here some things  which I have learned in your forum?



Do you  not object, I'll write here some things  which I have learned in your forum

Thats okay!!! Please do that!:)

We must spread the knowledge of our lovely guy!!!    :D

So write here about the things you learned from us (never though one can learn something from our babbling in the RA Board, but I like the idea!!!  :clapping: )



ghostinthefog, welcome!

I'm glad to see you here!  :drinks:
I cannot discuss your favourite guy, but I can tell about character of sir  Guy .  :rtfm:
What do you know about an image of  Gisborne in the new film?



Hi Bobby!!!

Thanks for your welcome!

I am afraid I know very little about what kind of Guy he will be in the new series  :sorry: ... at least not more than you all here already know ("the sheriffs sadistic henchman" etc.). I only can say I would like to see the new Guy as a more complexe character than just being a baddie *shrugs*

To give you an impression: One of my favorite GoG is Basil Rathboones one in the Errol-Flynn-Version!!! :clapping:



I see.  Sadistic  henchman? I agree. Guy Gisborne should be severe. And cool.  :paladin:
The Errol-Flynn-Version  is classics in a cinema, yes?
I think, the new Guy is better than Basil Rathboones  ;)



I have never seen the EF-version on the big screen but I would call it a classic!!! Only I have no idea what was Maid M. thinking when she left this glorious genteel Guy (Basil) and went into the woods with that pale, grinning git called Robin (Errol) *rolls eyes*! Stupid cow! :beee:

Bobby said: I think, the new Guy is better than Basil Rathboones 

I hope he will be!!! But it all depends also on the work of the director and the producer.... in the end Richard will have to play how they want him to  :/



ghostinthefog написал(а):

I hope he will be!!! But it all depends also on the work of the director and the producer.... in the end Richard will have to play how they want him to  :/

Yes, I agree. The script and director solve much, but the good actor can improvise, he can make a role very bright.



Yes a good actor can as long as they allow him to do so.... but I am quite sure Richard will manage to give us a great guy! Though I think the BBC picked Keith Allen (Sheriff) as the main baddie...  :(



I wait with impatience when we shall see  the film on the screen!   :heart:

For me an ideal is the pair the sheriff/ Gisborne from the ROS. The sheriff the main villain, but  Guy supplements him smartly!  :fans:



hey ghost! i just wanna say hi and welcome to the forum. i'm not too much into the new movie, but certainly i'm curious about it and would willingly watch it.

Have a nice stay here with us  :give_rose:



Cathy Did you saw a photo of the new Guy? What do you think of it? Does he can replace ours?  ;)



well i saw pictures posted here but i'm not quite sure about him now, i'm such a conservative lol. he seemed a character from Dickens novels to me, but i wouldn't like to judge beforehand cause it may happen he'll show excellent play in the movie. May be he'll create a completely new Gisborne that has his right for his existence and will reveal some new features in the character that we never dreamt to see.  :give_rose:



We continue discussion

We continue a theme
The autumn comes nearer, and with it - display of a serial. Plan to show in England on a series in a week - Saturday evenings. When we shall look - it is not known.

Alan is pleasant to me And Robin such touching.
Only I don't understand, why everyone are mad on Richard? Anything especial. The person in a measure brutal. He will be normal Gisborne.


It is not known while about Marian. In general, about anybody it is not known.
Concerning Guy - this, like, the most correct. By external kinds. Herne  knows, that there script writers have thought up.

He is attractive, Guy-new! :)


I don't see anything attractive. Lips are narrow, eyes  are cold, and not young absolutely.


He  is the man in the blossoming forces :)
Let's look, as it will look on the screen. It are necessary to wait two months of all.

Simply all this in my taste, the eye is not present, and if is, maniac of the murderer


If it is fair, I did not like any photo of the future heroes. " Gisborne" can easy play the Phantom of the Opera or somebody from Dickens. "Robin".... I can not remember his eyes and a sight, and all this.
Marian cаn  play comedies ... There can be all of them play is class, but... On photos while it it is not visible



Its very interesting to read through your discussions so far! :cool2:

@ cathy
I m curious why are you so sure that the new series will turn out to be bad when you have not seen anything yet?

But I think I can imagine: I have the same problem with a certain BBC period drama. It is the perfect adaptation of a Jane Austen novel IMO and I don t think it will ever be replaced by a new adaptation.

I guess it is the same for you with this RoS series from the 80s???

And I had to laugh a bit about a comment by Vara: Simply all this in my taste, the eye is not present, and if is, maniac of the murderer

Well, isn t that what a baddie is all about??? ;)

But I can assure you Richard is able to change the look on his face completely from one moment to another. You can look at two different scenes of the same movie and will get the impression you see two completely different people!!! He is really amazing!  :clapping:

Отредактировано ghostinthefog (23-07-2006 17:57:44)



I must say Richard is very hendsome   :heart:  (forgive my writen-english)  :blush2:
But i still think Addie is a best!
Guy Gisborne must be young, nervouse and blond! :)

! Wellcome to our warme-coner  :drinks: [/b]

Sorry, but I really like Robert Addie as Guy and anything and anyone can change it.  :heart:



Thanks for your welcome!

Its okay if R. Addie is and will be the one and only Guy for you!!! ;)  (Well I myself are not to much into blondes, men have to be tall, dark and handsome (in short: TDH) for me!  :heart: )

But I can understand that as Richard is and will always be the one and only Mr. Thornton (his other big role which made him famous) for me!!!

But on the other hand the RoS series  is 20 years old now and I think the time has come to dust off the Legend of Robin Who (I mean Robin Hood  :D ) and give it a new face and look! And are you not glad that this Legend is not forgotten and TV producer think it worth to make a new series out of it???



ghostinthefog написал(а):

But on the other hand the RoS series  is 20 years old now and I think the time has come to dust off the Legend of Robin Who (I mean Robin Hood   ) and give it a new face and look! And are you not glad that this Legend is not forgotten and TV producer think it worth to make a new series out of it???

I agree. There has come time of a new variant of a legend. But  ROS is our childhood. Our first dreams, our imaginations and hopes. How many years has passed - we shall like Robin and  Guy, Marion, John., the sheriff, all of them for us began more heroes of film. They our friends and they a part of us. We can and we shall look a new serial! I sincerely hope young generation will love it. I also hope all of us shall love it.
I wish success actors and I hope they will not disappoint us.

I look at photos and I think, a serial should have a name  " Guy from Nottingham ", or "  Guy in the hood "  :heart:



milka написал(а):

I look at photos and I think, a serial should have a name  " Guy from Nottingham ", or "  Guy in the hood "

As I can see we are on a total agreement on this one!!!!

Who cares for Robin Who!!! :beee: 

Baddies rule!!! :clapping:



ghostinthefog lol i told i didnt like pictures, let's see what they show us on screen, these actors are completely unknown for me, may be cause i'm not too much into movies but well i'm positive about doing new movies about Robin. Every generation could try to beat RoS why not?   :boast:

Отредактировано Cathy (24-07-2006 18:12:42)



Nice fans has sir Richard.  i-m_so_happy:



He has  very pretty fans



I don't like him, sorry, guys!
I don't know him.
Ok, Richard is handsome. So? It's not enough for actor. I hope hi is look good on the screene and know play.

I like  RoS. It's my soul !  :heart:



Yes, Lady Marian. It's our soul too. But this is hope for those, who don't know about RoS and perhaps never will know.



:) I think, it's impossible to make a serial, the similar to  ROS, but possible to recover a legend for those who doesn't know ROS. I hope a new serial there can becomes soul for new generation.   :)
I want to trust in it. Lady Marion, try to look at it differently. This film will not replace  ROS. It is other sight at a legend. I want, that it be successful.

This serial will not replace  ROS, Richard will not replace Robert, Joh  will not replace Michael.  :)  It simply another film. And I want to see it and I hope it will be interesting.   :fans:

I have told for a long time ,  I want to see serious Gisborne. I think ( though on photos it is difficult to  see) Richard can create such image. Certainly, all depends on the script.